We are never at peace with God till we resolve to be loved in Jesus Christ.

- John Calvin

As a tempted brother, he feels for us; as a sinless brother he can save us.

- Sinclair Ferguson

No matter how strong and vibrant your faith is (and it should be), you are not saved by your faith but by God’s amazing grace.

“No matter how spiritually strong and mature you are (and that should be your goal), you’re not kept by your strength, but by the power of God.

“No matter how wise and insightful you are, you don’t write your own story. No, it has been written by the hand of your sovereign Savior.

- Paul David Tripp

We want to say to people, it is okay to not be okay, but it is not okay to stay there.

- Matt Chandler

Do you ever think that your sins are too bad, and that forgiveness for those sins requires you to get your act together first? If so, you don’t fear God. You are minimizing his forgiveness. You are acting as though his forgiveness is ordinary, just like that of any person or make-believe god. In contrast, the fear of the Lord leads us to believe that when God makes promises too good to be true, they are indeed true.

- Ed Welch

The Spirit, we might say, is the matchmaker, the celestial marriage broker, whose role it is to bring us and Christ together and ensure that we stay together.

- J. I. Packer

Do you feel loved by God because you believe he makes much of you, or because you believe he frees you and empowers you to enjoy making much of him?

- John Piper


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