Let me begin by saying that I was greatly blessed, encouraged, and pierced through the ministry of the Word at our conference over the weekend.  I learned that I am  definitely guilty of being a “funneler” at times.  I also learned that I often give more time, thought, and devotion to inanimate objects (otherwise known as ‘idols’) in my life than to the God of all creation who has been so incredibly merciful as to establish a covenant relationship with me through Jesus!  The thing is, I am sure that I am not the only one who came to such a painful realization.  Thus, it is my prayer that God would be graciously and lovingly “repo-ing” us to be glory-givers and not glory-mongers.

For Providence, it is my prayer that God will use the truths from the message on Sunday to be a springboard from which we launch into our community, embracing the call to be a missional community (i.e. – everyday followers of Jesus!).  Genuine, biblical worship will be reflected in going forth to make disciples.  That is the only response of our lives when we really understand who we are in Christ.  That is why we here, for as Peter said, we are not from here and we are not staying here.  We are just here for a short time and for a definite purpose – to be ambassadors for Jesus for the sake of the kingdom!  May God help us on this mission for the sake of His name!

By the way, if you missed a session or would like to have a copy of the message Sunday, let us know.