We are all so tempted at times to find in our Bibles, defenses for our pet topics… Creation, Eschatology, Social Evils, Politics, etc. Not that the Bible does not address these issues, its more that these issues can trump what God is really telling us in His Word. Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 is a beautiful and perplexing love story of God for His people. God continually shows grace upon grace to His people only to have it trampled on by the ones He loves. Yet, God does not turn His back, but instead provides the only cure for our sickness… which comes not through our pain, but through the pain of His innocent Son taking our every flaw, weakness, and hatred upon Himself. Every page of Scripture reveals a little more of God’s majestic love and redemption for a loveless and irredeemable people. So, as you open your Bibles this week do not open them to show up your neighbor, that irritating blog writer 😛 that pesky Mormon at your door, or your friend of the opposite political persuasion. Open it and find the unimaginable love of God for us despite who we are.