Throughout our study in the book of Mark, we have spoken often of the Kingdom of God.  This, of course, is a main theme that runs throughout the book beginning with Jesus announcing that He has brought in the Kingdom of God.   We have learned that the message of the kingdom is repent, believe, and follow Jesus.   We have seen men struggle with the radical nature of this call even as we often do.  We have rejoiced that while Jesus came proclaiming the message of the kingdom, He also came as the Lamb of God who would make an entrance into the kingdom of God possible for sinful men by dying as the sinless sacrfice and then rising victorious as the conquering King.

Through all of this, I trust that we have become more familiar with the biblical understanding of the Kingdom of God.  I know that I often struggled understanding how it all fit together.  Is it here now?  Is it coming later?  How does it affect me now?  Certainly many of these questions have been clarified through our study in Mark.  But, I have also found George Ladd’s book, The Gospel of the Kingdom to be very helpful.  I would recommend it as a short and concise Biblical summary on the study of the Kingdom.  Here is an excerpt that I trust will be an encouragement to you as you meditate on what we have learned in Mark:

“The Kingdom of God is God’s redemptive reign.  It is God’s conquest through the person of Christ over His enemies: sin, Satan, and death.  God’s kingdom is manifested in several great acts.  At the second coming of Christ, His kingdom will appear in power and glory.  But this glorious kingdom of God, which will be manifested at Christ’s return has already entered into history, but without the outward glory.  The future has invaded the present.  The Kingdom of God which is yet to come in power and in glory has already come to work among men and within them.    The power of God’s Kingdom which in the age to come will sweep away both evil and all its influence has come among men in the present evil age to deliver them from the power of sin, from servitude to Satan, and from the bondage of fear and death.  The life of God’s Kingdom which will be realized in its fullness when Christ comes, when our very bodies shall be redeemed – that life of the future kingdom has entered into the present so that men may now be born again and enter into God’s Kingdom – the sphere of His reign, the realm of His blessings.  The Holy Spirit who one day will completely transform us so that we become like the Lord Jesus Christ in His glorified body has come to us before the arrival of the New Age to dwell within our hearts, to give us the life of the kingdom here and now that we may enjoy fellowship with God.  We have tasted the life, the powers, the blessings of the Age to Come.”