After our time of worship yesterday, I was standing near the nice warm heater in the hallway, talking with five friends from our body at Providence.  As we talked, the conversation turned to our struggle to allow the preeminence of Christ to play out in every area of our life.  But along with the struggle was a deep desire to live for the purpose we were created, to magnify Jesus in all things.  I was so encouraged by the transparency and humility that was exhibited by those present as they asked for prayer and continued accountability from one another as we strive to align our affections to the measure of His greatness.   This is how we ought to function within the body of Christ, strengthening and sharpening one another as we strive to set our minds on things above, where Christ is.   What a vital part of being firmed up in our faith!  So, this week I want to encourage each of you that read this to take a moment and post either your thoughts on Colossians 1:13-20 or share how you are being challenged in your life to keep Jesus above all else!  Your thoughts, please!