At the end of the Sermon on the Mount Jesus tells the story of the building of houses on different foundations. Jesus tells us that the house built on sand collapses in a great fall. Jesus has taught many difficult truths throughout this sermon that are as shocking to us as it would have been to the original listeners. What makes the fall of the house built on sand so great is the surprise that the house crashes at all. It is so unbelievably natural for us all to find all of Jesus’ teachings in this sermon difficult at the least… being meek, without anxiety for the cares of this world, full of selflessness or to turn all of these things into a moral checklist. I think this is why the crash of the house on sand is so great. We think we are being good and doing good things and that is enough, but Jesus says much to our surprise that is not correct. His teaching throughout this sermon should cause us to rely on Him and not ourselves. Our foundation should be built upon Jesus and His teachings not ourselves and our actions. It is so natural for us all to think we must rely upon ourselves, but Jesus pushes us to think differently and to follow Him and not what seems natural.