Early last month Stephen posted Reviewers respond to McLaren’s “New” Christianity. Since then Southern Seminary did a special chapel service to address the claims of Brian McLaren’s newest book. The service is available as either a MP3 download here or a video available here.

After watching this video and talking about it with Allison what really stood out to us is that this book simply is not necessary. I can definitely see its false truths leading many undiscerning individuals away from the true gospel but what I do not see lost individuals lining up to meet McLaren’s new Jesus. This new Jesus is unnecessary he is simply the current, and passing, phase of our evolutionary understanding of God; he does not reveal anything he only reflects what we already know. It is also interesting that an individual who denies the fall, sin, hell, and the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ can be considered an evangelical.

In light of McLaren’s alternate metanarrative I would like to point you to the material we have been studying for the Convergence available here. The series is not complete yet. We will be looking at Revelation and then spend three weeks focusing upon application. Nevertheless it should prove to be very helpful in grounding you against the error promoted by McLaren and those like him.

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