What does it mean to be the blessed man of Psalm 1? What does he desire? Who does he love?

Do our lives today look anything like the blessed man of Psalm 1? Do we look anything like the man Jesus tells us about who finds the treasure in a field and sells all that he has so he can have that treasure? Do we see the Gospel as that treasure? As Christians we are called to forsake everything else in this world for God. However, not only is this our calling, but it should also be our desire. When we realize the truth of the Gospel that we are vile, spite filled, hateful people and we are proud of it… yet God saves us anyway, will we begin to see our lives transformed.

This is impossibly difficult. Yet, that is exactly where God likes to place His people. For it is only when we realize that living in this way is impossible that we will realize our total dependence upon Him. When we come to grips with the fact that Jesus is all we have is when we realize that Jesus is all we need. So let us not take part in the American Dream, but let us realize as followers of Jesus that we are part of an unlikely dream where God uses people like us to make His name great. Stealing a great quote from David Platt, “Since we are owned by Jesus, we owe Jesus to the world.”