One reason we find it difficult to truly trust in God in the most difficult circumstances is that we do not trust in God in all circumstances to begin with. We cruise through our days in our own power so long as trusting in ourselves seems adequate. Trusting in God’s power and God’s love (and all of God’s perfections) is not to be a worst case scenario safety net.

Rather, we should strive to trust in God with the “small” anxieties. The truth of God being in control and being absolutely reliable is one we can learn through practice. When we pray over the smallest decisions and when we inquire of God for help for our daily bread we are training our minds to know what is true of God.

To borrow an example from Adam Neel, we usually trust in our medicine, and then if it doesn’t quickly help us to feel better, we turn to God. What a common example of how we tend to live our lives and a picture of trusting in our own strength!   We should strive to taste and see that the Lord is good before the moment of greatest need, and then when the storms of life come, we can truly take refuge in the God we have come to know.