Our lives are full of twists and turns.   It is unusual for things to go exactly as we think they will go or plan for them to go.  But, all in all, we can do a pretty good job of setting a course for ourselves and if we pursue it hard enough and we are diligent and focused, we can attain our goal.  Whether it be in getting a degree, planning to buy a home, working for a promotion, or a number of other things, there may be unforeseen distractions or bumps in the road, but they don’t necessarily change the course of our life or pursuits.

But, when God’s grace enters into our lives, we should not, we cannot, respond like it is just another milestone we reach on our journey.  Instead, it should mean a radical shift in the way we think about all of our possessions and pursuits.   When we are saved by the grace of God, ALL THINGS become new.  That means a massive shift in everything in life.  I believe that we saw the focus of that whole shift yesterday in Psalm 96 – we no longer live for our own glory, but to make much of the glory of God.   And, as much as we love to make much of ourselves, that is a pretty big shift!   But, our whole purpose and thus all our pursuits are now to be funneled through the fact that we were created and regenerated to reflect all the glory of God to all the world.

Have you considered this?  It is the consistent testimony of all Scripture!  All that God does, namely calling a people unto Himself, He does to the praise of His glory.  It is probably something we all need to consider more and ask God to reveal the areas where we need to shift our passions to match up with His purpose for us.