As we inch closer to Thanksgiving Day, it is easy to forget to actually give thanks as we get caught up in food preparation, travel arrangements, family situations, and many other things.  But, I pray that we will each make a concerted effort to take time individually and as families to stop and give thanks to the Lord with our whole heart.  This is not easy to do when we are going in a million different directions and have so many people and projects vying for our attention.  But, in order to give our Lord praise that comes from our whole being, we need to take considerable time to read of and reflect on His Word and His work in our lives.  When our hearts are being shaped by truth, our actions and emotions will soon begin to align with how we are thinking about God.  Whether this is the greatest Thanksgiving ever or you are walking in the midst of trials, we will be able to say to God with David, ‘I am committed to give you thanks and to sing your praise.  I am comforted by your presence.  I am confident in your promises to me and your purposes for me.’

I pray that our faith family at Providence will have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and that, while we will be in different places, we will all be found worshiping Jesus in Spirit and in truth.