Do you ever find it odd when evangelism is encouraged or promoted by Christian preachers/teachers? By odd, I mean that there is something inconsistent with the message and the ongoing push for messengers as if it is a push to participate in a fundraiser or some other undesirable program.
At the heart of this dilemma must be some disconnect as to what a life changed by the gospel of God really is: it would seem that we either know Christ and are seeing our lives transformed by him or we simply do not know him.
For the Thessalonians, Paul comments early in his first letter to them about the evidence of their transformation. In 1 Thess 1:6-8, Paul notes that the “word of the Lord sounded forth from you” in such a way that Paul does not feel any need to further exhort them.
Today it seems that the church is always needing to be pushed harder and harder, reminded over and over, that we must be proclaiming the gospel.
To some degree, then, the call for believers to do what is right must be a heart matter rather than merely a head matter; it is not that we do not know that we are to be ambassadors for Christ but rather that our hearts are hardly overwhelmed by the gospel. It may not be necessary to say that we do not believe if we are not sharing the message, but it should, at the very least make us uncomfortable to face this reality. If the gospel is true and our hearts are being changed daily by the power of God at work in us, shouldn’t we be more about the task of taking this message to all who do not yet believe?
If it is a heart matter (at least in part), then it must be true that part of the answer should be found in seeking not merely to impart more and more words which encourage one another to act upon the gospel, but rather that we must be about the knowledge of God and his life-altering gospel. Hence, deeply focusing our minds on the truth of the gospel should motivate us to make it more known. If the gospel means something great (and it is nothing less than the most astounding news our ears have ever heard), then will not our actions reflect what we hold in our hearts to be true?