The more I think of all that we have learned through our study of The Mission of God’s People: A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission the more I realize that we, for some reason or another, do not speak enough about being human. Whether due to secular humanism, liberal theology, or failing to firmly root our anthropology in Genesis 1-3 our understanding of this topic has become one-sided. Rather than see being human as the goal of all that we are a do we see it as the source of human rebellion and sinfulness. Moreover we would never talk about being human as a goal of God’s redemptive actions. All this is profoundly unfortunate.

I would argue that God acts redemptively not because of our humanity but so that we may be fully human. Mankind is in need of redemption because we are fundamentally and systemically inhumane. Our inhumanity is the source of our being at enmity with our Creator, with our fellow man, with creation, and ultimately with ourselves.

I think there are a multitude of angles from which we could tackle this topic but I think I will approach it by looking at the humanity of Christ and His revelation of the Father.

As perfect man Jesus perfectly bears the divine image. He is the exegesis of God precisely because He is God become human. Jesus’ humanity allows Him to concretely demonstrate who God is and what God is like. Jesus calms the seas because He is human. Whereas fallen humanity is subdued by creation Jesus, as perfect man, subdues and has authority over the rebellious creation. As perfect man Jesus does the Father’s will and does not seek His own.

Adam brought the topic of humanity up several Sundays ago and I was wondering if you went away thinking about what it meant to be fully human and how being human places us in harmony with ourselves, our fellow man, creation, and ultimately with God? Did you? If so what are your thoughts? How can we better reveal and glorify God by being human?