Wilson, Douglas J. Persuasions: A Dream of Reason Meeting Unbelief. Moscow, ID: Canon Press, 1989. 95pp. $12.00.

Rather than a manual on apologetics, this short volume takes the reader into a dream as an observer who overhears the conversations between a man named Evangelist and those he encounters on the road between the City and the Abyss.

I enjoy this volume because Wilson writes simplistically to demonstrate what Presuppositional Apologetics looks like in practice. I greatly appreciate how he is able to demonstrate a very difficult topic in a way that even children will grasp. My only critique is that the conversations can be a bit dry and predictable at times but all in all it is a short and enjoyable read.

If you have never read a work on apologetics before or you are a seasoned apologist, I would recommend this volume to you. Parents buy this book, read it for yourself, and read it to your children. Pastors get this book for your congregation; show them that apologetics is not esoteric, but finds ample application in everyday life. Just remember these are Evangelists’ conversations not formulas or static arguments to be recited by memory so read this book and have some conversations of your own.