Justification by faith alone reminds us who we are and who others are.  Since we are justified by faith, we cannot believe in our own merits. This slays pride, and this raises up those who are timid. What qualifies you to be a child of God? The credentials come from God. So, what qualifies you to serve God? Don’t go thinking that you can serve God based on your abundance of talents, and don’t go thinking that you cannot serve God because you don’t have the “stuff” to do it. Mess this up and you are messing up justification by faith.

By coming back moment-by-moment to the cross of Jesus Christ, we are simultaneously brought low in our self-assessment and raised high in our understanding of what we are because of him.

And these truths affect how we view others – both believers and non-believers. We can subtly forget the ramifications of being justified as a gift. We begin to act like we earned the gift. This “forgetfulness” causes us to treat others with less than a gospel-standard. When you and I are less aware of our ransom, we tend to be less gracious to other people. God accepts that person as righteous in Christ. You and I also need to accept that person as righteous in Christ.

With non-believers, we are prone to act and think like we are actually a little sharper than they are – we think we believe the gospel because we somehow connected the dots. In addition, we don’t live consistently around people who don’t understand the gospel. If we really thought that God is the one who opens the eyes of the spiritually blind and the ears of the spiritually deaf we would speak the gospel with greater confidence – confidence in God!