Would you characterize yourself as a radical? We all welcome a sense of comfort, a place of peace, and a sensible life. It’s celebrated in our culture. But is this Biblical living? What is it, fundamentally, that sets us apart from everyone else? In Luke 14: 25-35, Jesus, the true evangelist describes the life of His disciples. His disciples have been called out from the world and they truly don’t belong in world. This is a clear description of what a true disciple of Christ looks like. Jesus had a multitude of followers with Him who were not truly His disciples. Here Jesus describes the nature and heart attitude of his disciples. He is giving full disclosure about what a life lived for Him would be like. He’s making it very clear to these people that following Christ isn’t easy. In fact it is humanly impossible. One of the most dangerous things and useful tools of Satan is the “nominal Christian.” Christ himself is making it very clear that, in reality, there is no such thing as a “nominal Christian.” There are Christians and then there are those who are not.

Jesus draws attention to three key aspects of true disciples. 1. True Disciples Forsake Their Interests. Jesus says quite clearly in this passage using some common Hebrew language that people, personal interests, and possessions are not to take priority in your life. We know that from other passages that Jesus doesn’t want us to have some emotional disdain or anger towards our friends and family. It’s a matter of position. Who is our primary focus and the recipient of our time, attention, passion, and love? Jesus is the only one who deserves the top spot. 2. True Disciples Fully Consider the Impact of Discipleship. The name and honor of God is at stake when we say were are his disciple. Additionally, our discipleship will have profound effects on every one around us. There is a great cost at stake in this discipleship issue. Christ gives 2 stories to illustrate the issues that are at stake with discipleship. 3. True Disciples Acknowledge Their Kingdom Function. We are salt (Matthew 5). We have a purifying and preserving function in this World. We are propagating and preserving the message of the gospel as we speak the truth and we live as true disciples. Our Lord spoke as He did to prevent people from following Him lightly and inconsiderately. He knew that nothing does so much harm to the cause of the true religion as a “nominal Christian.” So where do you stand? What characterizes you? You may say, “This is impossible! I struggle with my priorities and I don’t always take my walk with Christ seriously.” This is not an issue of perfection. Only Christ is perfect and in Him we are being made perfect. You can’t make this happen apart from Christ. So I ask you, “Do stand out a radical disciple of Christ?”