Happy New Year! I have seen countless articles leading into today about various New Year’s resolutions and how to keep them. Maybe you have a resolution and maybe you don’t. But I would encourage you think about how you can intentionally and purposefully read your Bible this year. David Mathis posted a good article, Bible Reading is an Art, at Desiring God yesterday that I would encourage you to look at.

Where to begin? There are numerous Bible reading plans out there, and even daily Bibles, designed to help guide you in reading. There is a helpful list available at the ESV website. By far my favorite is the Chronological Reading Plan from Back to the Bible. I have printed this on a 3×5, laminated, and I keep it in my Bible. Whatever you do I pray that you would be resolved to stay in the Word this year and that you will thoughtfully plan through what this will look like.


If you don’t own a copy of this then grab a copy now.  The hardback is on sale for $10 and the Kindle version is $2.  This is a fantastic resource for both your children and adults alike.  It does a fantastic job of showing how the whole of Scripture points to Jesus, even taking something as complex as Isaiah and making its message about Christ easy enough for small children to grasp.  I greatly appreciate that the hermeneutic here is not based upon a few scattered proof texts here and there but an understanding of how the various narratives, themes, and persons in Scripture all anticipate the coming Messiah.

If you are enjoying our current sermon series then you will also enjoy Biblemesh. It is an online compilation of numerous videos, articles, and sermons by leading scholars and theologians that serve to explain the grand narrative of Scripture. If you have the time I recommend heading on over to their site to check out the free trial.