If there is one thing that I think the church desperately needs it is biblical theology. Not biblical in the since that it is correct, although this is necessary, but biblical theology in the sense that its aim is to understand the grand narrative or metanarrative of Scripture. Most of us are familiar with systematic theology, the organization of biblical teaching around various themes and questions i.e. “Sin” or “What is God’s character?” However, I am convinced that the church is lacking an overarching understanding of what Scripture says. Thankfully Michael Lawrence has recently published Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church and 9Marks has posted a fantastic interview with Michael Lawrence, Mark Dever, Tom Schreiner, and Jonathan Leeman concerning this book. You can listen to the interview below or click here to visit the 9Marks interview page.

Dever, Mark. What Does God Want of Us, Anyway? A Quick Overview of the Whole Bible. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2010. 128pp. $12.99.


This is less of a book review and more of a commendation. This volume is a synopsis of Dever’s larger works The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made and The Message of the New Testament: Promises Kept which. In 1996 Dever began a series of sermons over viewing every book of Scripture and this book is the distillation of that massive task into an easily accessible form. During our Metanarrative study at convergence I read through Dever’s Promises Made and Promises Kept and found them to be very helpful especially for grasping the overall flow and message of individual books of Scripture. For this reason I commend Dever’s work to you as it will help you gain an understanding of Scriptures’ grand narrative in an enjoyable and informative way. 9Marks is kind enough to make the entirety of this volumes text available online so go ahead and read the first chapter and then buy a copy for yourself.